II: International İLEM Summer School Has Been Completed

The State and Society affairs of the Muslim world were discussed in detail in İLEM Summer School. 45 graduate students from 25 different countries attended the program that continued a week.

The second International ILEM Summer School under the general topic of “The State and Society in Muslim World” started on Saturday, August 23th.

The program held between 23th-29th August under the home ownership of Istanbul 29 Mayıs University was realized with valuable cooperation of Ministry of The Republic of Turkey Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities  (YTB) and T.C. Ministry of The Republic of Turkey Presidency Coordination of Public Diplomacy (KDK).

The opening lecture of the second International ILEM Summer School was given by Sari Hanafi from American University of Beirut with participation of 45 graduate students from 25 different countries. Academics from all around the world showed great interest in the first lecture “Social Sciences Crisis in the Muslim World” and by putting their valuable and authentic opinions forward by questions and comments, they formed various discussions as to the problematic treatment of social sciences in areas that Muslims live by majority.

In the first lecture given by Muqtedar Khan from Delaware University, “Islam and Democracy” issue was examined. As to the relationship between Islam and democracy, Khan brought philosophical and theoretical discourses forward; and especially moving from the Pact of Madina and verses (ayahs) from Quran, he discussed the path to democracy through the resources of the religion Islam. Many academics and graduate students from different universities in Turkey came to listen this lecture by Muqtedar Khan who is a prominent scholar in his field.

Halil İbrahim Yenigün from Istanbul Commerce University gave the second lecture called “Contemporary Muslim Thought: The Ethical Dimension”. In this lecture, the rise of political movements with Islamic reference was examined and the lecture continued with intense discussions and exchange of ideas.

On the fifth day of the second International ILEM Summer School, participants came together with Wael B. Hallaq from Columbia University. Hallaq started the lecture with a deep explanation of the idea of state and he emphasized the impact of the economic systems on different states. Hallaq also mentioned that with capitalism and liberal economy, the concept of ethics and its borders started to become more abstract in modern states. He also included the relationship between the state and society in his lecture and he pointed out that this relationship, rather than a political hierarchy which is spread in a top-down manner, is founded upon a down-top effective epistemological hierarchy.

In the last day of ILEM Summer School the lecture “The Future of Islamic State” was completed with Abdulvahab al-Affendi from Westminster University. Al-Affendi is a prominent scholar maintaining important researches on the relationships between state and international relations in the Islamic world, and in his lecture with the participants of ILEM Summer School he commented on the developments in the Islamic world and shared his findings about the future of the Islamic state.

The Summer School aimed for scholars from different cultures and disciplines to discuss the basic problems of the Muslim world and to come up with solutions. Along with the lectures, workshops under the moderations of Necmettin Kızılkaya from Istanbul University, Murat Çemrek from Necmettin Erbakan University, M. Hüseyin Mercan from Erciyes University and Michelangelo Guida from Istanbul Sehir University were completed in the Summer School.

In the Summer School, participants also visited different historical destinations and academic foundations of Istanbul. The program ended with the closing and certificate ceremony on 29 August, Friday. Some of the proceedings that were presented in the Summer School are expected to be chosen and be published in the coming months, thus gaining a permanent value.